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What if I don’t want the tests and only want counselling?

Selecting streams and careers are serious decisions that require a focused approach. We make recommendations based only on your interests, aptitude and personality, so it is necessary that you take them.

I have taken an aptitude and personality test before. Do I have to take the tests again?

If these tests were taken more than six months ago, your scores may have changed since then, so we recommend that you do the tests again. If not, then you can speak to a counsellor about the best course of action.

How long do the tests last?

Each test typically takes between 30-45 minutes to complete. The Aptitude Test is time-driven, but you can take your time on the others.

Can the tests be done online?

Yes, they can! The links will be mailed to you on the day of your appointment.

Do I need to prepare for the tests or counselling in any way?

Just come with an open mind – you never know what you may discover about yourself and the new opportunities you’ll end up exploring!

When do I get my test reports?

As soon as you finish the tests! Our digital products are built to give you results instantly.

Will the tests and counselling happen together?

Ideally, yes. We recommend dedicating a whole day for the counselling and tests to be done, so you know what to do, quicker.

Will the counsellors be available 24/7?

Our counsellors are accessible between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday, all year long.

Are they available for online chat?

We’re working on making that possible and will keep you posted!

Can I get a counsellor of my choice?

Our counselling team is engaged with students across India and travel a lot for the same, so arranging for someone of your choice may be difficult. However, you can be assured of meaningful, relevant and personalised mentorship, since our entire mentorship team is fully qualified and very capable of giving you the direction you need.

Why should we engage with One Step Up?

Our focus is not on finding the right careers for students – it’s about helping them find their true calling. We use science-based, data-driven assessments to help children go on a journey of self-discovery and in the process, find the streams and careers that will lead them to fulfilling professions, and consequently, fulfilling lives. We work on building their character skills as well, so that they are able to manage change in the future. And are able to make well-informed choices that are best for them, with maturity and wisdom.

How do One Step Up’s programmes supplement our teaching?

While most schools are warming up to integrating social and emotional learning into their academic curricula, there are gaps that still exist. For instance, learning to communicate well goes a long way in helping children think and express clearly, while building their confidence. Sensitising them to gender equality and fluidity will make them better professionals and even better humans. Or even teaching them social media etiquette will safeguard them against the perils of a highly digitised, active, online world.

And that’s just one part of how we complement your teaching. We would love to talk more about it, so why not get in touch on [email protected], and we’ll come over for a chat?

What is the duration of your programmes?

Our first engagement with a new school is in the form of a demo programme. Our Student Engagement Team visits your school for a demo session of the Video-centric Career Programme, which lasts for 60 to 90 minutes.

This is usually followed up by the programme, the dates for which are decided along with the school. Depending on the package chosen and the number of students, the programme lasts anywhere from half a day to 3 days.

Do you charge for a demo?

No, we don’t – the demos are absolutely free. We do insist on a cup of coffee and a meeting with you after the demo to discuss results.

What is the delivery model of your programmes?

It’s a lot like blended learning, actually. Parts of our programme, like the Video-centric Career Programme, are conducted in class. The tests are administered in the form of apps and the reports mailed out to the students directly. Individual Counselling is a bespoke, face-to-face service.

We have 100+ students in each academic year. How will you pay attention to each?

We prefer to have no more than 40 students per class for our classroom programme. When the class numbers are larger, we divide the class into smaller numbers and conduct the programme with each group simultaneously. (We call it the Multiplex Model, because it functions like cinema multiplexes!) Apart from this, all assessments and counselling sessions are taken individually anyway.

How do I know how our students have performed in the programmes?

During our first interaction, we capture the school’s and in-house counsellor’s contact details. When the programme ends, we can mail the student reports and assessments to the e-mail IDs provided, on request. Schools also get an OSU ID to log on to our website and view their dashboards. These dashboards have all the relevant information and insights to help you better understand student aptitudes, interests and career choices.

Do you customise your programmes?

Yes, we do. We have fixed packages that are offered for each class, but we are open to offering bespoke packages based on the school’s requirements. Individual Counselling is a bespoke service anyway, so it’s always personalised to each individual taking it.

Which other schools have you worked with? Can I call anybody for a reference?

Doon School, Assam Valley, Lawrence School, Modern High School for Girls, Kolkata, National Public Schools, Delhi Public Schools, The Shri Ram School, Lady Andal and Choice School, Kochi are some of the schools we have worked with to date. Some of these schools are even long-standing partners.

You could visit our School page for more information on the schools we have worked with. Testimonials from our partner schools are provided on request.

Do you offer educational pricing/discounts?

We offer special pricing to students and staff members of partner schools. If you think you qualify, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

What is the difference between an OSU product and OSU service?

One Step Up has worked closely with educators, professionals, principals, teachers and students to create a range of offerings that help students find themselves. This includes products, such as data-driven assessment tests that focus on identifying a student’s aptitudes, interests and personality; a career builder; a resume builder; digital takeaways and apps that are extensions of the services we provide. The services offered include our flagship classroom programmes, individual counselling, study skills, interview & group discussion workshops and of course, the OSU Communications programme.

What happens when I purchase an OSU product or service?

When you purchase our products and/or services, they get unlocked, meaning that the chosen service can be used by you. Typically, both the products and services are executed on-ground, within a classroom setting and in the presence of the student engagement team. We are currently working on enabling the availability of products online, for you to use at convenience once the payment is complete.

When can I use the OSU products and services?

Once you complete payment, the products and services can be availed as per the schedule and convenience of the school. Eventually, products such as the OSU Aptitude Test, Study Skills Test and more will become accessible online through your dashboard. The reports will be visible in the ‘My Downloads’ section under your account profile. The reports can be downloaded once the tests are completed.

When will I receive notifications?

In addition to e-mail notifications, we will also send you text messages when your product/report is ready to download. Texts are sent between 8.00 a.m. to 21.00 p.m. local time. When you buy a service like Individual Counselling, you will also be notified on the day and time the service can be rendered.

Can I make changes to my order?

If the school has already purchased a programme package, then you will not be able to make any modifications to it. However, if you would like to include Individual Counselling in your package (if it isn’t included already), then you can add it to your cart. For help with this addition, please get in touch with [email protected].

Products and services that are not a part of a school programme can be modified by visiting your order status in the future.

What payment methods can I use?

We currently have the option of paying online using credit cards, debit cards, Netbanking, mobile wallets (including Mobikwik, PayU and Airtel Money) and UPI transfers.

Will you store my card details?

No, we don’t store card details, even though it’s easier for you to check-out the services in your bag the next time you avail them. We prefer to take details and store them only till the transaction is complete. It’s safer for you as well.

What happens if a transaction fails?

If a transaction fails, it could be because of incorrect card details, insufficient funds in your account or network issues.

For incorrect card details or insufficient funds, the transaction will not be completed. In case there are network issues and your account has been debited incorrectly, then the money will be refunded to you within 24 hours. If the money doesn’t reflect in your account by then, please contact your bank or [email protected] with the transaction ID.

I can’t see my order. Help!

Just go to your Account page (the top left icon where your Avatar shows) on store.onestepup.in and scroll down to orders. All processed orders will reflect here. All past orders are also captured here. If the payment has not gone through, then it means that your order is not processed, and that is possibly why you can’t see it.

However, if you still have doubts about your order, you can get in touch with us on [email protected], and we’ll assist you.

Do you offer an education discount?

We offer special pricing to students and staff members of partner schools. If you think you qualify, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

What is an OSU ID?

An OSU ID is the e-mail ID or unique username you use to sign in and access One Step Up’s products and services such as the OSU Store, OSU Compass, OSU Aptitude Test, OSU Personality Test and Career Builder.

When do I use my OSU ID?

Any time you set up a new device, make a purchase, or use any One Step Up product or service, you will be asked to sign in with your OSU ID and password. Once you sign in, you’ll have access to the products and services as well as all the personal information in your account.

How does the OSU ID work?

It’s quite simple, really. When you register for a product or schedule a service, we will first ask you for your e-mail ID and a password that is unique to you, along with other details that will ensure your security. Once done, your e-mail ID becomes your OSU ID.

What if I don’t have an e-mail ID?

If you do not have an e-mail ID, a unique user name will be pre-assigned to you. This can be used to complete the sign-up process as well. One Step Up uses single sign-on across its products and services – so you only need to register once and then simply log-in at all other times.

How many OSU IDs do I need?

Just one. Once you register, use the same OSU ID to log-in to any product you have purchased. This ensures that all your One Step Up products, services and devices work together seamlessly and you can access your personal content from all your devices.

I forgot my OSU ID/password

If you’ve forgotten your OSU ID, just answer the security questions and confirm your registered mobile number. We’ll send you a link with your OSU ID on your verified e-mail ID.

If you’ve forgotten your password, we’ll send you a link to reset it, or an OTP on your registered mobile number.

I forgot the answers to my security questions

Uh oh! In that case, we’ll send you a link to your verified e-mail ID. Use this link to confirm your identity and reset your security questions.

Can I share an OSU ID with someone else?

Your OSU ID should not be shared with anyone else. It provides access to personal information, including data like marks, progress reports and device backups. Sharing your OSU ID with someone else other than your parents means that you are giving them access to all your personal content; this may lead to confusion over who actually owns the account.

How can I keep my OSU ID secure?

We provide a number of ways to secure your OSU ID and protect your privacy using methods such as alpha-numeric passwords and two-factor authentication.

Setting up your account

If this is your first interaction with One Step Up, welcome aboard. It will take less than 5 minutes to register and set up your account. To ensure that we can customise our products and services to suit you best, we need a few academic (of your child, if you are a parent) and personal details. This includes payment details to make it easy for you to purchase products online from the OSU Store. So before you begin, make sure you have these details handy. Create your account.

Two-step verification

To make doubly sure that all the information you share during registration is kept safe, we use a two-step verification process during sign-up and all the other times that our system detects any suspicious log-in attempts. This requires answering security questions and verification via an OTP, sent to your registered mobile number.

Updating details on your account

It may be that the details during registration were from Class 6 or 7 and you have now graduated to a higher class. Or that you didn’t have an e-mail ID earlier, but now you do. Updating these details is easy. Just go to your profile, click on the ‘✍’ icon next to it and update the details. Don’t forget to hit ‘Save’ before you close the window to go back to your profile!

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