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The future doesn’t belong to people with academic knowledge alone. It belongs to individuals who can push the world forward through innovation and creativity. It belongs to those who can evaluate outcomes using critical thinking. And to those who can solve problems through effective knowledge-sharing, collaboration and ideation. Question is, are you that individual? You certainly have the potential to be; but our current education system is not equipped to recognise or develop that potential. That’s why we’re here.

Our purpose is to take you on a journey of self-discovery to find yourself. Our work is focused on transforming you into a well-rounded, interesting and passionate individual empowered to find your True Calling and impact the world through it, forever.


Connecting the dots to help you find the best version of yourself

There are either too many people – or none – to help you understand the importance of making the right stream or career choices and their impact on your life. Our counselling team has guided over 100,00 children across India, and will do the same for you, through one-on-one sessions that show you the way. They will give you an objective opinion on your aptitude, abilities and interests. Show you how they all come together to find the right stream and career path. And create personalised stream and career selection plans.

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Not much has changed since the establishment of the modern education system in the 1830s, what we teach and how we teach it are still quite the same. Today, how happy or successful your students are in their personal and professional life depends on a lot more than just their academic scores. Exams are no longer a reflection of success in the real world, and you know it. Partner with One Step Up and be among the first to seamlessly integrate character skills into school curricula. Spearhead the movement of creating a progressive system of education.

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Aptitude, interest, ability, social and emotional intelligence – there’s plenty here for you to discover about yourself.

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